Bethel  Mennonite church is a community

of people who want to know Jesus and follow Jesus.

 We work together and separately

 "Receiving, Responding and Reaching out"

to our community.

You are welcome here.

Bethel Mennonite Church, 3185 Wayland Rd, Wayland, IA 52654

Bethel supported Ministries


BeSpoken Int'l

Agung & Yvonne Kristiantos

On His Path is passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves. In addition to the clubfoot treatment initiative, On His Path is focused on bringing potable water and adequate nutrition to the developing world. On His Path is committed to bringing hope and support to those in need.



Teaching English with a purpose

The Kristiantos' ministry in Indonesia"

All Nations Family, Kansas City


Historically, Ireland and Europe were places of spiritual encounter and renewal as God poured out His Spirit. Holy Spirit is now reawakening the people of these lands to remember who and Whose they are, bringing about a fresh start and new day for their future. Knowing God as a good Father as well as our place in Him, our orphan hearts are replaced with the spirit of sonship (Romans 8:14-17). Knowing this brings hope and healing, destiny and courage. This is the heart cry of heaven we hear for these lands.The Holy Spirit is awakening the people of Ireland and the peoples of Europe to spread Revival and bring healing to lands crippled by trauma, war and hopelessness. In these days, Ireland will provide the nations with fathers and mothers and families who are whole, passionate and in love with Father God.



Lara Hochltettler

Bio:  Lara was born and raised in a small town in Iowa. Since the age of 16 she wanted to pursue ministry. More recently she realized that calling was specifically to missions, and would allow her to use the different training, giftings and `experience she has. She joined WIM in 2014. Lara currently lives in California and is finishing her last year of ministry school while doing pre-field training for WIM. She has a passion for the Middle East and desires to work with leaders to teach heritage, longevity and legacy in all realms of society. She has a passion to see Kingdom heritage and cultural transformation by meeting practical needs and empowering people to see all that God has for them.


Missionary Number: 276 Ministry Focus: Leadership Development, Women's Ministry Region(s): Middle East, US & Canada